Municipality Characteristics

Municipality Characteristics

   Poddębice municipality is located in central Poland, in łódzkie voivodeship. It neighbours five other municipalities of Poddębice County: Dalikowo, Pęczniewo, Uniejów, Wartkowice and Zadzim. It contains the largest number of village councils (49 out of 193 in the county). It covers the area of 22 500 ha. It has 16 thousand inhabitants, half of them in Poddębice. 
   Poddębice municipality has very convenient communication conditions. A national route from Łódź to Poznań, as well as regional route from Łęczyca to Sieradz run through the town, as well as a railroad connection Katowice-Gdynia. It lies 12 km from A2 motorway and 37 km from the Władysław Reymont Airport in Łódź.    
   Poddębice is located on a picturesque hill, crowned by Renaissance silhouette of the church. At the foot of the hill, there is the Ner river and a circle of woods, which cover the area of 5 thousand ha. The woods around Poddębice are a recreational retreat for Łódź region.

   All of the municipality has water supply, and almost all has sewage systems, which is convenient for both inhabitants and potential investors. Nowadays, despite municipality’s agricultural character, there are over 900 enterprises, half of which in trade. Another 25% are manufacturers, and the remaining businesses provide construction and repair services, catering and transportation. The most advanced and still developing branches include clothing, shoe and construction industries. 
   The town of Poddębice serves the function of a municipal service centre for administration, education, healthcare and social care, finances and insurance, business infrastructure, as well as trade and other services. 
   For a couple of years, the municipality has been carrying out investments that contribute to economic growth of the town and boost interest from local and national media. 
   Poddębice has the largest solar installation in Poland.

  • Solar installation in Poddębice

   Poddębice municipality widely uses renewable energy sources in its investments that bring notable ecological and energetic benefits. 
   Poddębice is located on rich deposits of thermal waters, with both energetic and healthful properties, that will be used for rehabilitation and regeneration in the future. A newly built part of Poddębice hospital will include a Medical and Rehabilitation Centre. It is appropriately equipped with rehabilitation halls and is well adapted for balneological purposes. A sports centre with open swimming pools is situated nearby, and so is a water park.

  • A hospital in Poddębice

   Poddębice provides active athletes with sports halls, school pitches, beach soccer pitch and a stadium.    
   Poddębice has been organising beach soccer championship for four years. For this purpose, we have built a beach soccer pitch. We have organised Regional Beach Soccer Championships, Regional Tournaments and, above all, the Finals of the European B League, for which Poddębice has received an award from European Beach Soccer Federation in Barcelona. The town was visited by teams from Greece, England, Ukraine and Poland. In 2007, we have hosted the Elimination of the 5th Polish Championships and finals for the 5th Polish Cup. Poddębice has earned the title of regional promoter of beach soccer and a pioneer of beach sports in Poland. 
   All this makes Poddębice a friendly and open town, which the journalists dubbed “The Sunny Town”.

  • Beach soccer championship in Poddębice

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